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Zapraszamy na seminarium 14.03.2023

Dear All,


we have the pleasure to invite you to the Particle Theory Seminar on Tuesday, March 14  at 12:15, which will be given by


Krzysztof Cichy (UAM)




"Probing nucleon's 3D structure with Lattice QCD"




"Large momentum effective theory relates lattice-calculable non-local correlations of boosted nucleon states to light-front partonic distributions. An example of such functions are generalized parton distributions (GPDs), which describe the spatial distributions of partons in the transverse plane. Until recently, a practical obstacle for computing GPDs was the need to perform separate calculations for every momentum transfer vector, required in the standard symmetric (Breit) frame of reference. Last year, we developed a new method based on parametrization of the relevant matrix elements in terms of Lorentz-invariant amplitudes. This allows one to extract GPDs in an efficient manner from asymmetric frames, by grouping calculations for several momentum transfers in a single lattice calculation. I will discuss the most recent progress in this field and discuss its further prospects."


The seminar will be in a hybrid mode, local people are invited to meet in the seminar room D-2-02.

Piotr Korcyl, Jacek Wosiek, Michał Praszałowicz