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Zapraszamy na seminarium 14.11.2023

Dear All,


We have the pleasure of inviting you to the Particle Theory Seminar on Tuesday, November 14  at 12:15, which will be given by


Farid Taghinavaz (School of Particles and Accelerators, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), Tehran, Iran)




„Relativistic hydrodynamics with phase transitions".




It has been confirmed by many observations that the Quark-Gluon plasma is a new type of matter that is produced after the collisions of heavy ions and in today’s energies it behaves like (almost) perfect fluid. The relativistic hydrodynamics (RH) is an appropriate tool to describe the dynamics of this complicated system near the local equilibrium or even far from equilibrium. However, there has been several unsolved issues by using the RH which one of them is how to employ it or in what extent the RH is valid near the phase transition points. We benefit of the gauge/gravity duality to study the time-dependent perturbations of the dual metric in a short-wave-length limit at a certain phenomenological model, the so called Einstein-Klein-Gordon model. We will examine the radius of convergence of the hydro series near the critical points for various kinds of phase transitions as well as different spin-sectors.


The speaker will be on-site, local participants are invited to meet in the seminar room D-2-02.


Piotr Korcyl, Jacek Wosiek, Michał Praszałowicz